Think differently… and make a difference!

as creatives is one of the leading providers of creative learning workshops to schools across the UK.

We specialise in developing creative learning programmes and school workshops that are both rooted in the National Curriculum and make learning extraordinary. Directly supporting school improvement priorities, our programmes have proven impacts on engagement, motivation and attainment – and provide powerful platforms for staff development.

We are passionate believers in the power of the arts to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and transform lives. We offer children and young people opportunities to experience, explore and enjoy their own creativity. 

With a particular focus on creative approaches to literacy and numeracy our programmes provide opportunities for children and young people to practice their skills in exciting, imaginative and interactive ways.

Working both nationally and internationally, we engage with:

  • Children and young people
  • Schools
  • Teaching Professionals
  • Local Authorities
  • Strategic Organisations
  • Families and Communities

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