Holocaust Memorial Day, marked all over the world, is one of the most important days in the calendar.  It takes a different theme each year - and in 2018, on and around January 27th, we’re able to offer three different programmes to primary and secondary schools, all designed to explore the theme of "The Power of Words?" -  and all accommodating up to 30 pupils at a time.

All Holocaust Memorial Day School Workshops are adapted to suit the age range / key stage and ability level of the class.

Articulating our Futures (KS1 4)

Thinking positively about life

Many genocide survivors use words powerfully to talk of the importance of focusing on their hopes for the future in their battles for survival. Inspired by this, Articulating our Futures starts with an activity designed to support pupils in considering and sharing their own hopes, dreams and aspirations - and what they can do to give these the best possible chance of coming true. Moving on to an exploration of ways that images, colours, patterns and textures can all represent hopes, it culminates in students working collaboratively to create a powerfully evocative display – spelling out the phrase, “Articulating our Futures”.

Duration: 1½ hours – half a day, depending on your needs (shorter workshops might require you to devote additional time to allow students to complete their work)

Exploring: aspirational thinking, art media, presentation (and, for upper KS2 onwards, testimonials from Holocaust survivors)

Cross-Curricular Links: Maths, Literacy, History, Geography, MFL, Art, DT, Drama, RE. 


Welcome Gems (KS2 - 4)

Reflecting on the power of words to change the world

The news is often, unfortunately, full of stories recounting how words and deeds have made survivors of persecution feel less than welcome in their host countries and communities. Designed to remind us all that “life” is about more than simply existing, this emotionally engaging (and safe) workshop uses drama in everyday situations to help students consider the impacts of being made to feel unwelcome. Reflecting on how we can help stop others feeling this way, they then turn this all around by designing their own “Welcome Gems” - a series of vignettes illustrating how being welcoming can improve the well-being of all.

Duration: 1½ hours – half a day, depending on your needs

Exploring: empathetic thinking, speaking and listening skills (and, for upper KS2 onwards, testimonials from survivors of persecution)

Cross-Curricular Links: Literacy, History, Geography, MFL, Drama, RE, PSHE


The Power of Poetry (KS2 upwards)

Giving a voice to the power of difference

After a drama activity exploring and contextualising Shylock’s plight in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, students will be introduced to his famous “I am a Jew” speech - a speech in which the power of his words makes nonsense of ideas of discrimination. They’ll then be guided through a process in which they’ll create their own powerfully assertive autobiographical poems.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours, depending on your needs and the number of groups we work with.

Exploring: Shakespearean narrative, characterisation and verse; philosophical and moral dilemmas; poetic rhythm and tone.


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