Our Summer School workshops are now available to book allowing you to create tailored maths, science or literacy-based creative days – or your own cross-curricular programmes! Whether you are looking for a one day workshop or something longer-term our sessions can be adapted in length and to accommodate different age groups – and we will always try to incorporate any theme or topic you may be exploring.

Our most popular Summer School workshops include:

CSI: Michaela Maths  
If it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of one of her teammates, Michaela Maths, one of Britain’s most promising young athletes, would be dead – slain by an unseen hand! The police are baffled by the dastardly deed – and want the children’s help in solving it. Having been introduced to the crime, the suspects and their possible motives, pupils will work in teams on a carousel probing a range of mathematical skills. Taken together, these lead to the suspects being eliminated, one by one – until, if all the calculations are correct, the criminal is unmasked. 

The full range of CSI: Maths workshops can be found on our website www.as-creatives.com.

The Trading Game
Our high energy Trading Games provide students with opportunities to think about maths in some very different ways. Working in an ever-shifting environment, they’ll come to understand that “value” can be a concept that changes depending on circumstances, that the ability to prioritise is an essential mathematical skill, and that the properties of 2D shapes allow them to be arranged in a variety of ways. The more pupils produce, the more points they get – and there are plenty of opportunities to win bonus points by answering explicitly mathematical questions with a range of foci.

The Bunker
Inspired by the work of Alan Turing and his fellow mathematicians at Bletchley Park (work that, it’s generally agreed, shortened World War II by a good couple of years), The Bunker is based in cryptology – the writing and reading of codes. Appealing to all age and ability ranges, The Bunker has a simple premise. Working in teams, and at their own pace, students need to identify as closely as possible the location of a Enemy Radio Transmitter by cracking a series of increasingly fiendish numeric, geometric and semiotic ciphers. The more codes they crack, the more precisely they’ll be able to pin the Transmitter down. 

Spotlight on Shakespeare
“Macbeth” takes place over a number of years and across a wide swathe of territory in both Scotland and England – but our Shakespeare workshop will take your pupils through the entire narrative in as little as an hour! Mixing whole group activity, classic drama exercises, structured improvisation and grappling with the text, students will investigate and re-enact a number of landmark moments in the play. Depending on the time available, these will be drawn from the Final Battle with Norway, the first encounter with the Weird Sisters, the Death of Duncan, the Ghost at the Feast, the Fate of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s Last Stand.

This approach can be used to explore any of Shakespeare’s plays – and for Summer Schools we would also particularly recommend “Romeo and Juliet”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest”.

Soundscape Poetry 
Those pupils who claim they don’t like poetry will be writing furiously at the end of this magical workshop. Realising the power of “sound”, they’ll design and perform contrasting soundscapes, one set in a world where the environment transmits messages of calm, tranquillity and hopefulness, the other the other in one speaking in a much more sinister voice. We’ll then guide them through a structure supporting them in crafting richly descriptive poems that tell both individual and collective stories. With pupils also gaining experience in presentation skills as we support them in exploring the most effective ways to deliver their poems vocally, Soundscape Poetry offers opportunities to not only create poems but build confidence in presenting them too.

CSI: Reading Skills
Students who tell us they don’t like “reading” are always amazed when they realise quite how much skilful reading they’ve accomplished by the end of this fun and busy workshop. From inference and deduction to skimming and scanning, from previewing to predicting and from context to content, CSI: Reading Skills makes no bones in drawing connections between the everyday skills required to interpret infographics and play computer games and those required to delve into more formal texts.

Specifically designed to support students in making those connections between different ways of “reading”, CSI: Reading Skills sees them working in small teams to help out in a time of national emergency – because a briefcase containing some Top Secret plans was discovered on the 8.42 to Little Padworth, destined for an Enemy Power. The only clues to the identity of the traitor are to be found in a pile of old train tickets, recipe, book reviews and faded photographs. If “read” correctly, however, they’ll allow the pupils to discover who took the plans and why.

Interplanetary Tours
From Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to the photographs sent back by Juno on its historic and ongoing mission to Jupiter, we’re all entranced by our neighbours in the solar system. And we’ll know even more when Bruno, the British-built rover, lands on Mars in 2018. Taking things one step further, this intriguing workshop asks pupils to imagine the day when interplanetary tours are possible. Informed by the endeavours of such new space actors as Virgin Galactic and Space X, they’ll plan, prepare and present short plays exploring the problems posed by visiting the sulphurous volcanoes of Venus, the gaseous storms of Saturn or the icy plains of Pluto. Just remember one thing: “In space, no-one can hear you scream …”

For more information about our Summer School workshops please contact Jo Stokes, j.stokes@as-creatives.com or call 0151 708 8886.