The news is often, unfortunately, full of stories recounting how refugees can sometimes be made to feel less than welcome in their host countries and communities. Designed to remind us of the value of shared and positive futures, this emotionally engaging (and safe) workshop uses drama in everyday situations to help pupils consider the impacts of being made to feel unwelcome.

Reflecting on how we can help stop others feeling this way, they then turn this all around by designing their own “Welcome Gems” – a series of vignettes illustrating how being welcoming can improve the well-being and futures of all.

Refugee Week 2017 - Welcome Gems Workshop

Duration: 1½ hours – half a day, depending on your needs

Exploring: empathetic thinking, speaking and listening skills (and, for upper KS2 onwards, testimonials from survivors of persecution)

Cross-Curricular Links: Literacy, History, Geography, MFL, Drama, RE, PSHE

Suitable for: KS2 - KS4 

In the UK, Refugee Week (9-25 June 2017) is a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities. Find out more about Refugee Week by visiting

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