The Team

We each have a proven track record in our creative industries specialism and between us have more than fifty years experience working within the creative and educational sectors.

Jackson Kavanagh, Director and Performing Arts Specialist

With a background in writing and directing for theatre, my passion lies in narrative and supporting those I work with to explore their own stories – and realise exciting futures.

Jo Stokes, Director and Performing Arts Specialist

Having worked as an actor in theatre and television for over ten years I love being able to put the processes I came to rely on to use designing and delivering creative learning programmes. What drives me is the constant search for new and effective ways to bring learning to life.

Jenny Liggins, Business Development Manager

Jenny Liggins, Director and Business Development Manager

As a development manager working in the arts and education sectors, I am committed to increasing and developing opportunities for all children and young people to take part in high quality creative and cultural activities.

Rowan Dyer

Rowan Dyer, Team Assistant

My experience lies in working with artists, actors, writers and musicians in a wide range of visual and performance arts initiatives. I enjoy collaborating with others to develop creative approaches and resources for learning, which are accessible and fun – and which unlock individual talents and confidence for the future.

Chris Carney

Chris Carney, Senior Practitioner

I’m a bit of a creative Swiss Army Knife. I worked professionally as an actor on stage and screen for 10 years before turning my attention to the music industry. And, as I can’t actually play any instruments, I became a DJ, performing at festivals all over the place. I eventually played so many that I decided that creating the festivals would be even more fun – and set up Threshold Festival of Music & Arts with my wife. It’s that power of “creation” that drives me – so, as a drama workshop leader of some years, I work in schools and universities, teaching acting technique, devised theatre and applying creative teaching methods right across the curriculum.

Simon McKeown, Founder Member

Simon was one of the driving forces behind the first few years of as creatives‘ success – and his attention to detail in designing and delivering highly targeted programmes was crucial in ensuring that we could identify and meet the real need of teachers. Having spent a couple of years honing his professional practice in the visual arts, Simon now creates bespoke furniture and furnishings – with a waiting list that emphasises his success!

Claire McKeown, Founder Member

One of the core team who founded as creatives, Claire died tragically in 2011. We miss her every single day – and without her understanding of the creative industry sector and her commitment to developing sustainable systems and structures, we wouldn’t be here today.

Kate Pankhurst, Founder Member

One of our founder members, Kate’s enthusiasm for drawing and ability to develop that enthusiasm in others played a huge role in our developing understanding of the power of artistic approaches to enrich and change young lives. Now a hugely successful children’s writer and illustrator (with works including the acclaimed Mariella Mystery series), Kate still supports us by running CPD programmes for teachers – while her amazing and inspiring doodles are all over our website! For more information about Kate’s work, visit her website: