Case Studies

Read more about some of the creative learning programmes we have delivered in schools both nationally and internationally.

Case Study: The Captain’s Conundrum – Creative Maths

Specially developed for large (three or four-form entry) schools wanting all their pupils to enjoy a shared maths experience in a single day, The Captain’s Conundrum creates a genuine “buzz” about maths – because it’s not every day you’ll have … Continue reading

Case Study: Creative Maths Workshop – Pirate Maths!

A one-form entry school in Bolton, Edgworth has a House system that encourages children of different ages to work and socialise together, developing relationships across year groups. So when they were planning a Maths Day where pupils would work in … Continue reading

Case Study: National Poetry Day 2017

National Poetry Day is one of our favourite days of the year – and the 2017 theme of “Freedom” chimes perfectly with our approach of introducing children and young people to poetic structures that actually give them more freedom, more … Continue reading

Family Maths – a creative approach to securing parental support for maths priorities

It’s well known that there’s a clear connection between achievement and attainment in maths and parental support. So our Family Maths workshops are designed to provide a fun environment in which parents/carers can work with their children in exploring why … Continue reading

Case Study: Science Skills – A creative approach to a whole-school experience

Specifically designed to interest all children and young people in science, this exciting and engaging workshop cements pupils’ understanding by harnessing a metaphor involving animals to illustrate our set of six Science Skills. Except that it’s the pupils who provide … Continue reading

Targeted Progression in Maths – Challenging both more able and demotivated mathematicians alike

We’re always very excited when schools ask what we can do to challenge their more able students or motivate some of those who are underachieving. Because our programmes for Targeted Progression in Maths can really make a difference. We’ve now … Continue reading

Pirate Science – Putting Science in context – with a real live pirate in school!

Blackbeard, Bartholemew Roberts, Anne Bonney and their ilk were undoubtedly skullduggerous scoundrels – but they also had to be sophisticated scientists as they steered their way through the seven seas. But while our own travelling pirate, Captain Richard Morgan, has … Continue reading