Maths Week Ireland 2017 – School Workshops

Founded and Co-ordinated by Calmast Maths Week Ireland – is an annual celebration of mathematics which runs in the north and south of Ireland. This special week will take place during the 14th – 22nd October 2017 – and if you would like … Continue reading

Creative Maths Workshops for Secondary Schools

Our Creative Maths workshops for secondary schools have been carefully designed to both put into context and actively promote the three keystones of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Tapping into pupils’ own creativity, our unashamedly fun workshops engage, motivate and, crucially, challenge the … Continue reading

Creative Maths Workshops for Primary Schools

One of the UK’s leading providers of Creative Maths workshops to primary and secondary schools. Over 150,000 children and young people have taken part in one of our Creative Maths workshops in the last two years alone! All of our maths workshops have been … Continue reading

Shakespeare Workshops for Schools – The Play’s The Thing!

Celebrate Shakespeare in your school with an interactive drama-based workshop from as creatives! William Shakespeare is now firmly back on the national curriculum – but he’s never actually been away. Everyone knows his face and the names of a play or … Continue reading

World Book Day 2018 – School Workshops and Visits

Are you looking for World Book Day 2018 – School Workshops and Visits? then look no further as our Extraordinary World of Books workshops have been specially designed to help you and your pupils celebrate this special anniversary by bringing … Continue reading

Big Maths Days – Maths Activity Days for Whole Year Groups

We know that it’s often important for secondary schools to offer activities to whole year groups – and we understand, too, the logistical difficulties that this can bring. So we’ve designed BIG Maths Days that allow up to 240 KS3/4 students … Continue reading

Poetry Workshops for Schools – National Poetry Day 2017

Chiming perfectly with our belief that writing poetry offers pupils the perfect blend of freedom within structures, the theme of National Poetry Day 2017 is “Freedom”. And we’ve also adapted some of our most popular and successful poetry-writing workshops to … Continue reading

Creative Science Workshops for Secondary Schools

What could be more creative than science? And what better way to explore science than by working with students’ own innate creativity? Taking approaches from the world of the arts, but always rooted in real and concrete science, our inspirational … Continue reading

School Christmas Workshops

We know that schools want their pupils to enjoy the festive season – but also to keep learning going right through to the end of the autumn term. Which is why our range of cross-curricular, School Christmas workshops always proves … Continue reading

Creative Science Workshops for Primary Schools

as creatives is one of the UK’s leading providers of Science Workshops to primary and secondary schools. Always rooted in real and concrete science and taking their lead from the National Curriculum – but taking approaches from the world of the … Continue reading