We have been providing high quality, creative and experiential learning programmes for trainee and newly qualified teachers since 2010. As when working with children and young people, our aim is to deliver learning experiences that are both meaningful and enjoyable - and feedback from participants tells us that we succeed in this.

What Makes Us Different?

It's the combination of our experiential approach, sound pedagogy, understanding of teachers' needs and wealth of experience that enables us to design and deliver memorable training programmes with long-lasting impacts. We are able to design programmes to meet a wide range of needs, with existing approaches including ...

“Learning today was so much more active and engaging than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part – and when I’m a teacher I want my pupils to feel that way after a lesson!” (trainee teacher, Liverpool John Moores University)

Sustainable Creativity: what do we mean by "creativity"? Why is it important - and how can we develop approaches that unlock, nourish and sustain both teachers' and pupils' creativity?

Top Tips for a Creative Classroom: what makes for a “creative space”? How can such factors as language, resources and room configurations promote both teacher and learner creativity?

Creative Approaches to Maths: what connects maths and creativity? How can creative approaches boost motivation towards and achievement in maths?

The Drama of Science: what connects science and drama? How can this help me cement prior learning, clarify difficult concepts and introduce new content?

Shakespeare - A Bard's Eye View: what is the relevance of Shakespeare to the lives of 21st century young people? How can we explore his works in ways that are exciting and memorable - and that both unlock and preserve the text?

The Power of Poetry: what are the benefits of creating poetry? How can we provide pupils with creative stimuli for their writing - and exciting frameworks to introduce a range of poetic forms?

Voicing the Voice: what are the dos and don’ts of using our voices? How can we use language, pace and tone to  boost engagement - and promote good behaviour? And how can we minimise our chances of suffering illness through damaging our voices?

We have developed and delivered successful programmes for: 

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool John Moores University

Manchester Metropolitan University

School Improvement Liverpool



For more information about our CPD and INSETs for Teachers please email Jackson Kavanagh, Director of Programmes at j.kavanagh@as-creatives.com or call our office on 0151 708 8886.


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