A school’s best and most valuable resource is of course, its staff. But there are times when everyone can benefit from a fresh approach and an injection of new ideas. And that’s where as creatives can come in. Our Creative CPD programmes and INSETs, which have been delivered to thousands of teachers and teaching professionals right across the UK, include full days, half days and twilights.

Rooted in established pedagogical practice, they are based on tried and tested methodologies and strategies providing experiences and outcomes to almost a million children and young people in the last ten years! Our approach is highly experiential in tone and nature (we definitely don’t go in for Talking Heads), and our engaging and interactive programmes introduce staff to some new, easily adaptable and transferable approaches and are a fantastic way of energising everyone. You can choose from a whole range of options, take a modular approach in building your own day or ask us to support you in exploring and planning for whole new topics and themes!


Available programmes include:

Outdoor Maths

There is much evidence to support the value of Learning Outside the Classroom and the positive impacts it can have on teaching and learning, and whenever we deliver our INSET's, staff can always recall their own wonderful outdoor memories. Our Outdoor Maths session involves investigating ways of utilising outdoor spaces as tangible maths resources, independent carousels, Maths Trails and Investigative Maths Bingo.

Combining expert opinion and a real sense of how we all feel and behave differently in the open air, this day supports staff in harnessing the outdoor space at your school for maths.

“Very interactive and mixing teams for each activity kept everyone on track. The team were really motivated and this will provide a great springboard for the start of term.” (Headteacher, Oaklands Primary)

“Lots of ideas and suggestions for adapting to topic based activities. Great to have time to plan activities to use too. Thanks – a really enjoyable and useful day!” (Class Teacher, Homerswood Primary)


Creative Approaches to Maths 

This popular session gives teachers an opportunity to explore a range of proven, highly engaging, creative methodologies for teaching and learning maths. Inviting participants to actively critique what we mean by both "creativity" and "maths", sessions explore ways of increasing motivation for and towards maths. All of the activities are absolutely transferable and include; exploring problem solving, thematic and purposeful maths, independent carousels, physical maths games and maths through storytelling. We guarantee by the end of the session you’ll be able to apply them to any area of the maths curriculum! 

Duration: Twilight, half or full day.

“Following the as creatives CPD programme, members of the maths department came up with some brilliant ways of linking numeracy to Global Diversity Week!” (Assistant Headteacher, the Oldershaw School)

The INSET was very informative and made us all realise that problem solving doesn't have to be number based. I think this will inform all of our future planning in some form." (Teacher, Holy Saviour School)


Ways into Shakespeare 

Our Shakespeare CPD programmes have proved so popular that, for the second year running, we have been commissioned to create a Teachers' Resource by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, founders of the phenomenally successful Shakespeare Week. Our hands-on workshop gives you the chance to experience a range of Shakespeare activities that both link in perfectly with Shakespeare in the curriculum and extend horizons. All of the activities are designed to enrich your students’ understanding of character, language, narrative and text. None of them require any resources – and they’ll all work, not just with any of the plays in the canon, but with any age group too!

Duration: Twilight, half or full day.

“I’ve discovered really child-friendly ways of drawing children into the text – really fun! I can relate these ideas across English – and some of them right across the curriculum!” (KS2 Teacher)


Team Building

Exploring the nature of "effective teams", working as teams to play (and reflect on) one of our eternally popular Trading Games and participating in a specially written Murder Mystery (with parts for every member of staff!).

"Some key strategies, along with excellent modeling, have really identified some approaches that I will be able to bring in tomorrow!" (Class Teacher, Matthew Arnold Primary)


Murder Mystery INSET

Your Team Building Murder Mystery CPD event will be completely unique - because we'll write it especially for you and your school! Once you've supplied us with thumbnail sketches of all participants, we'll create a host of colourful characters - and a larger than life world for them to inhabit. We'll arrive with scripts featuring speaking parts for everyone - but as events unfold, facilitated by former Commissioner of Scotland Yard Sir Henry Campbell, it will quickly become clear that murder is afoot. And once we've all read through the scripts, packed full with in-jokes, you'll be asked to work in teams to discover the identity of the killer - or killers.

Team Building Murder Mystery CPD Events last around two and a half hours - and can be combined with other elements of our extensive CPD menu to create a highly enjoyable, engaging and productive training day for all!


For more information about our CPD and INSETs for Teachers please email Jackson Kavanagh, Director of Programmes at j.kavanagh@as-creatives.com or call our office on 0151 708 8886.


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