To be a young person in the 21st century is to read for pretty much every waking hour of the day - so those who tell us they don’t like “reading” are always amazed when they realise quite how much skilful reading they’ve accomplished by the end of this fun and busy workshop! From inference and deduction to skimming and scanning, from previewing to predicting and from context to content, CSI: Reading Skills makes no bones in drawing connections between the everyday skills required to interpret infographics and play computer games and those required to delve into more formal texts.


Specifically designed to support students in making those connections between different ways of “reading”, CSI: Reading Skills sees them working in small teams to help out in a time of national emergency – because a briefcase containing some Top Secret plans was discovered on the 8.42 to Little Padworth, destined for an Enemy Power. The only clues to the identity of the traitor are to be found in a pile of old train tickets, recipe, book reviews and faded photographs. If “read” correctly, however, they’ll allow the pupils to discover who took the plans - and why.

Reading is a focus throughout school life, of course - so we have versions of CSI: Reading Skills to suit every year group from Key Stage 2 - 4. So Years 3 and 4 at Brierley Primary (Crewe) thoroughly enjoyed realising quite how much they knew about both classic and contemporary children's fiction, Year 7 pupils at the Kingsway School (Stockport) were able to draw connections between their hunt for the spy and the work they had been doing on "Grammar Detectives" - and Year 8s at Quarrydale Academy (Mansfield) benefitted from extended workshops that added a whole new level of challenge!

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